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Not even in part?

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Originally Posted by marcusclayman If we are free all the time, and I go ob believing we are not, this does not mean I am a slave to what I believe controls me, because I do not believe I am aware of what controls me. Just because we don’t know the rules, doesn’t mean there aren’t any. But then I then I would say that by your belief you make your own choice, and I counter with this simple fact, that I can choose differently. Life is NOT a control over the environment. For me the peace of certainty and guarantees is the peace of the grave and that does not interest me.

I dislike absolutes. Seeing subtle patterns in phenomena that objective scientific studies only see as chaotic and random is one of the hallmarks of religion. One of the fact that we know from quantum physics, proven by John Stewart Bell, is that there are events whose outcome is not determined by any hidden varibles within the accepted scientific world view. Originally Posted by marcusclayman What do you think about the concept of subtle patterns in a seeming chaotic system.

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